AAAARRRRRGHHHH!    Just coming off THE WORST Lupus Flare Up I have had in over 10 years.   I was given a Medication by my regular Doc for Gout in my foot and my Rheumatologist said it caused some sort of reaction with my immune system or the MCTD  so – WOW!   I am glad I am on the mend.  The last 10 days were miserable!    Back on Prednisone for only a few weeks, off the gout Meds and doing so much better.  Really scared me though.  Makes you wonder -is it coming back? What is causing this? etc….    Back to strict healthy diet, juicing, fresh organic veggies and supplements for me.   do not want to go through that again!    It’s amazing when you’ve lived with some sort of Chronic Diseaes like Lupus, MCTD, Rheumatoid Arthritis etc….   How   feeling 60%   can FEEL GREAT!   and so many people in the world walk around with no physical ailments at 95%+ physically  and they are miserable.  Matter of Perspective I guess.  I am grateful that I can FEEL GREAT and be Happy even though my body is at 60%.   and when I hit 80%… LOOK OUT WORLD!   Here comes the Riderman!  LOl!

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