The Protein Myth

Wow! I can’t believe a month has gone by since I’ve written a post on here!  Shame on me.  I’ll do better!  I am reading a great book, “The China Study”  by T. Colin Campbell PHD.   It is all about one of the  most comprehensive studies of Nutrition ever conducted.   The China Study confirms my beliefs about animal protein.

When I was first diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Scleraderma)   I was very active, jogging, hiking and working out at the gym every day. On the advice of a friend I was taking a high protein supplement shake and eating high amounts of protein every day.   I always felt that the high protein diet I was on had something to do with the onset of my disease.

The China Study just confirms my assumptions.  I remember when my parents tried “The Adkins Diet”  and I told them I thought it was an unhealthy diet.  Too much protein and fat.    It’s not healthy.   The China Study addresses animal protein and possible connections with Cancer, Heart Disease, cholesterol, fat intake and more.  It is a fascinating read if you are into healthy living.  It talks about a plant based whole foods diet being the answer. No Dairy, no meat or eggs, no fish, low fat.  Lots of fresh organic fruit and veggies is the way to go.

I still eat meat myself, but in moderation.  I do eat fish and eggs also, but again in moderation.   I’ve been eating either oatmeal or my fruit smoothie with soy milk in the mornings.  Lunch is usually a 6″ inch subway veggie sandwich on whole wheat with no cheese or I’ll make a green salad.   I had a veggie burger tonight and some asparagus for dinner, I also make a great veggie stir fry, veggie tacos and veggie wraps.  Last night I ate out with a friend and had the best Veggie Lasagna I’ve ever tasted. YUM!   Cheese, but again -moderation.  When you learn to cook good healthy food it makes all the difference.   I get plenty of protein from veggies, soy products  and the fish I eat.   We really don’t need that much protein, it’s more about getting the right combinations of amino acids form the protein we eat.   But the animal protein, there are detrimental effects on our health long term.   So eat more greens and cut down on animal protein.


  1. I get alot of comments about the book “The China Study” mostly negative. I don’t approve negative comments that use inappropriate language. If you have a valid point you express in appropriate language I am happy to post here – whether Pro or Con. Personally I enjoyed the book, it made alot of sense to me. I have also learned through other sources and health seminars that confirm the conclusions in the book about animal proteins. I happen to believe it, you have a right to believe whatever you like. There are many, many sources of protein. I get most of mine through various vegetables, beans, fish, whole grain breads. I do eat meat, just not too much. I wish I didn’t but I like it too much! LOL! I know I would be bette off if I didn’t eat meat or dairy at all. i Mostly eat chicken though and try and really limit the beef and dairy intake.
    Both very inflammatory in my experience, along with Gluten, processed foods (white sugar and flour)

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